Salon Terms & Conditions

Booking Policy

Online Booking

The easiest way to book your appointment with us is via our online booking system.  This software allows you to search services, preferred Artist(s) and availability. – The service is available 24/7 so you have easy access to our diary around the clock.  Kat’s availability is not available to book via this method, as these bookings are by special appointment only.  In this case, please use any of the methods of booking below.

By phone

You can also make your appointment by calling the salon on 01376518641.  Please be aware that if we are serving a guest or the salon is closed we may not be able to take your call.  Please leave a message in this case, with your contact details we will respond asap.

By VIP message

If you have signed up to our VIP club, you can send us a message.  These are only seen by our team and not by our other guests (conforming to our GDPR policy).  We will respond to these messages within salon hours.

Social media and email

During salon hours we will also respond to private messages via Facebook, Instagram, Tik Tok, Google or Email.

Please note that for all our booking services, we are unable to provide a quote for colours or extensions from photographs on messenger.  We pride ourselves on giving you a full consultation (which is free), to discuss hair history, required target look, length (for extensions), colour, budget and check that all important condition will allow.  We can also ascertain the length of time required to get you there and book you in.  An allergy test may also be required.


When you have made your appointment you will receive a confirmation text message.  You will also be reminded 4 days prior and on the morning of the appointment.

Booking Fees

All appointments for extensions will require a booking fee, prior to your hair being ordered.  You can pay this by cash or card in salon.


Cancellation Policy

If you are unable to attend your appointment, we would appreciate 48hrs notice. If this is not possible, ANY notice is better than none at all.

We have a regular cancellation list and VIP group to fill short-notice spaces, so please let us know asap, via any of the methods above.

We do not charge for cancelled appointments, and we would never hold it against you. So please do not hesitate to re-book yourself in.

Appointment Time

Please arrive on time for your appointments, if you arrive early, please come in – we have a lovely sofa for you to sit at and you can enjoy one of our complementary drinks while you wait.  If your Artist is ready for you, they will normally try and attend to you if scheduling allows for an early start.

If you are late we will do our best to fulfil your booked appointment, however if this is not possible due to the scheduling of our other guests we may have to miss some of your service (e.g. You may have to have a reduced amount of foils or sacrifice your finish) – you may also be charged for the service you did not receive.  If you are more than 50% into your appointment time we may have to reschedule your appointment completely.


Age requirements for services

Cuts are available for children of any age.  Diamond Artists and Director are not available to book for children.  If you require one of these Artists to cut your child’s hair, you may book and pay for them as an adult.

Colour guests must be 16 or above.  You will be required to sign a form within your allergy test to confirm your age.  Any manufacturer in UK is not authorised to allow application of professional colour on children, so please be wary of salons who do not operate this policy.  Children are more susceptible to reactions, so this is for their safety and no salon will be insured to provide this service against manufacturer’s instructions.

Allergy Testing

If you are having a colour with us, you MUST have an allergy test. There are NO exceptions.

    • The test takes 2 minutes
    • You do not need an appointment for one
    • Must be earlier than 48hrs prior to your colour appointment
    • Valid for 1 year, unless you have had a change in medical history or vaccine.
    • Allergy tests from other salons are not valid

If you do not have an allergy test, your appointment will be cancelled.  We will call you to reschedule if we spot you have not had one.

ALL colour at Cabello is 100% vegan AVEDA colour – we do not stock other brands.

Medical Issues

If you have any medical issues we need to be aware of, please mention these upon booking.  If you are having a colour and are taking medication, or have had a change in medication, please make us aware.

Disabled facilities – The layout of the salon and it’s entry point allows for wheelchair access, we have a full ground floor salon.  Unfortunately our toilet facilities do not leave a lot of room for movement.  We have an agreement with the very nice people at Wetherspoons next door, who let our guests use theirs.


You must be over 18 years of age to consume alcohol on our premises.  If you are lucky enough to look younger than 25, we may ask for ID, please do not be offended – take it as a complement.  As part of our alcohol license rules we reserve the right to not serve anyone who is drunk.  Alcoholic drinks are included within your service, however we reserve the right to restrict the number of drinks served if they outweigh the cost of your service (we are a business after all).

You may not remove alcohol from the salon at ANY time, our license covers drinking within the salon walls only.

We will restrict the consumption of alcohol if we believe you are going to drive home. – Your safety is always our priority.

Please enjoy your cocktails, wine or beer responsibly.


Smoking is not permitted within the salon or on the forecourt.  If you must smoke, please do so well away from the building and dispose of the butts responsibly.

Right to Refuse

We have the right to refuse any guest we feel is unfit for a service, this includes but is not limited to:

    • Any guest who appears to be under the influence of drugs or  alcohol
    • Certain services come with what is known as contra-indications.  These are conditions that can interfere with your desired result. Any medical conditions that displayed or made aware to us as a contra-indication will be explained to you as to why the service may not be carried out.  An alternative service may be offered to you instead – your safety is our priority and we would never put you at risk (even if that means turning down your money).
    • A colour service to a guest who is not over 16, or who we believe may not be over 16 and does not have proof of age.

Zero Tolerance

Any guest who displays behaviour that makes any team member feel uncomfortable, unsafe or affects their general mental health will be asked to leave.  Swearing and shouting is not acceptable behaviour.  Our protocol is to politely request you do not do this in the first instance.  In the second instance we will set down our tools and request you leave.  We reserve the right to not continue with ANY service, so you may have to leave with unwashed, unfinished hair.  Please do not put us in this position.

Complaints Procedure

We strive to give the very best services to our guests.  If you do not feel this was achieved, or even if you’re just not sure you opted for the best look, please contact us within 2 weeks of your appointment.  We can help you directly if there is a problem and will do our very best to get you smiling again.  We would appreciate you give us that chance prior to leaving a poor review or resorting to social media.

Please contact Dee (Guest Relations Manager) or Sam (Salon Manager) if you have any concerns regarding your appointment.

If you have any suggestions for improvements or rather speak to the salon owner in confidence, please do so by emailing or by calling the salon and asking for Kat.