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AVEDA Scalp Solutions – The Feels!  – By Kat

So seeing as we had this ALL NEW Treatment arrive in salon, it was only fair that we all had to have it done! – I mean sometimes we all have to ‘take one for the team’ as it were – it’s tough, I know.  So first,  I was taken to a station and my […]

Scalp Solutions

After extensive training at AVEDA London headquarters, we now have new found knowledge around Scalp treatments and take home products at Cabello.  We are particularly excited to launch this treatment, because  it benefits just SO MANY guests.  Sometimes this is even life-changing!  – Guests that have hair so greasy, they are embarrassed to leave the […]

Hair Health – Leaving it too long between visits? Or having 2mm cut each time?

Lol…  This is one of my pet peeves.  A guests asks how much I think NEEDS cutting?  I tell them 3-4 inches (as hasn’t had a cut for months and it looks like candy floss, one of my loves btw, but not on your head!) – We settle on 2mm, as she wants it long…..  […]

Hair Health – Are you murdering your hair with heat?

Blow-drying everyday, using tongs, wands and/or straighteners will all contribute to damage (the girls tease me for being old, because I call them irons!  but they don’t call them irons for nothing!)  They are Hot hot hot!  Now, I’m the first person to love a tong or iron, but these will all damage that all […]

Hair Health – Poor colouring techniques and cheap colour

I often see over processed hair when it comes to Balayage and especially Highlights.  I don’t know who needs to hear this, but if your hair is already blonde on the mid-lengths and ends, it does not need MORE bleach over the top! Our Artists are expertly trained and condition priority is drilled into them, […]

Hair Health – Look, feel and be gorgeous

In a recent study 82% of men admitted that hair is a key element in a woman’s sex appeal and 74% said a lush mane makes her stand out in a crowd! – so if you’re single and ready to mingle in 2023, get those luscious locks sorted. If you are really not fussed what […]

Hair Health – Diet

Get out what you put in! Healthy hair is attributed to a healthy body, so eating the right foods for those luscious locks is essential. So what are some great foods to eat for hair health? Salmon, eggs, peanuts, cashews, almonds and walnuts, peanuts, brazil nuts, sardines, chia seeds, pumpkin, avocado, buckwheat, chickpeas, lentils, beans, […]

Hair Health – Environment & Lifestyle

Cold weather, hot weather, UV damage, pollutants, dust and smoke can all impact the follicles of the hair and affect long term hair health. – so it is crucial you take care of your hair and scalp.  Protecting and washing your hair following exposure to these factors all contribute to overall hair health. Lifestyle factors […]

Hair Health – Get a big fat YES to a colour change

If you’ve ever been to Cabello and wanted a drastic colour change you might have been told ‘it’s a NO from us’… This is because condition is always our number #1 priority.  Lightening or lifting colour from hair often involves a bleaching process.  This is not for the faint-hearted Artist, as it involves a careful […]

Hair Health – Poor quality hair care products or not using any at all (other than shampoo & conditioner).

My number one advice for great hair is to use the products that are right for YOUR hair.  Don’t just use what happens to be in the bathroom or what’s on offer at the supermarket.  Your hair is your crowning glory, you cannot take it off and replace it.  If you had a beautiful cashmere […]

The best massage I EVER had (Competition now Closed, but keep reading)

WIN WIN WIN During my week off last week, I decided to treat myself to a full body massage at Revive Beauty Lounge. Well, let me tell you it was the BEST MASSAGE I ever had and having had massages all over the world – I can tell a good one. Picture this:  Warm, homoeopathically […]

So why are Cabello the ‘Experts in Colour?’

1. AWARD WINNERS Firstly, last year we won 10 awards, our particular best achievement being this one…. British Hair and Beauty – Salon of the year Award 2021 This year, we have been shortlisted for Best Colour Salon 2022. 2. THE PRO’S 2 x Aveda Colour Masters 7 Aveda trained professionals Within the salon stock […]

Cabello Stories

Dear Cabello Guest I often have stories to tell guests when they come in, so I thought I’d share some with those who don’t know me or have other Stylists do their hair. November 2014 When we originally refurbished the salon ( It was offices before).  I was there most days, clearing away various bits […]