Hair Health – Leaving it too long between visits? Or having 2mm cut each time?

Lol…  This is one of my pet peeves.  A guests asks how much I think NEEDS cutting?  I tell them 3-4 inches (as hasn’t had a cut for months and it looks like candy floss, one of my loves btw, but not on your head!) – We settle on 2mm, as she wants it long…..  Head in hands, and shake…..

Speak to your Artist about the optimum time to have your hair cut.  Everybody is different.  I would say, if your hair is particularly knotty, splitting or being heated is 6-8 weeks.  If you are leaving it longer than that, you may need more cut off than you would like.

The hair cuticle is like a roof tile; leave those slats to lay flat by keeping your nozzle on your dryer and drying the sections downwards will improve the frizz and condition.  Once the hair cuticle is cracked – you can be at risk of further damage.

Often I hear guests complain their hair just will not grow – now if you are grey (like me) or have colour on your hair, you will see roots.  So your hair clearly IS growing, and there is only one reason why you’re not receiving length – It’s breaking off the end.  Frizz and breakage is a key area where you will see damage easily.  – Smooth out that roughed up cuticle and your hair will be strong, long AND smooth.

Check your condition easily, by taking a strand of hair and moving your thumb and forefinger upwards – feeling any bumps?  Time to talk to Cabello!!

Now, I am not one to cut off more than my guest would like, however if you are growing it and you have heart palpitations when the scissors come near, why not opt for an in salon treatment?  Or if you don’t have time, take home one of our many AVEDA or Fabriq intensive 100% natural, plant based treatments.

My particular favourites are the bond building, Aveda Botanical Repair™ intensive strengthening masque and strengthening overnight serum  (magical split-end repairer!) – these babies will save you having to take too much off at your appointment.

Why not book an in-salon treatment with your next appointment?  We have some super Jan/Feb offers on with any service.