Hair Health – Are you murdering your hair with heat?

Blow-drying everyday, using tongs, wands and/or straighteners will all contribute to damage (the girls tease me for being old, because I call them irons!  but they don’t call them irons for nothing!)  They are Hot hot hot!  Now, I’m the first person to love a tong or iron, but these will all damage that all important hair cuticle.

Time and time again, I see a halo of broken strands of hair – usually contributed to blow-drying hair upside down, or randomly blasting it all over the place with an achy arm!

The hair cuticle is like a roof tile; leave those slats to lay flat by keeping your nozzle on your dryer and drying the sections downwards will improve the frizz and condition.  A heat protector is 100% essential for anyone using heated appliances.  Our favourite in salon is AVEDA Speed of Light (which we go through buckets of!) heat protector AND speeds up your blow-drying time by half – taking away the achy arm completely.

Check your condition easily, by taking a strand of hair and moving your thumb and forefinger upwards – feeling any bumps?  Time to talk to Cabello!!

Make your 2023 new year’s resolution to join us in prioritising condition – your hair will thank you for it.

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