Scalp Solutions

After extensive training at AVEDA London headquarters, we now have new found knowledge around Scalp treatments and take home products at Cabello.

 We are particularly excited to launch this treatment, because  it benefits just SO MANY guests.  Sometimes this is even life-changing!  – Guests that have hair so greasy, they are embarrassed to leave the house without a good scrub.  Or guests that have such dry scalp, that they just simply cannot wear black. 

This treatment isn’t just for those with scalp problems, it suits literally ANYONE and offers a great cooling sensation – a facial for the scalp.  Not to mention the cheeky head massage that comes included. 

Take a look at our blog here, to find out more or come in for a free consultation sometime.


 Who is Scalp Solutions for? 

Absolutely any guest, scalp problems or one that just loves a head massage.   

Normal to dry scalp uses products to improve scalp hydration nourish and soften the scalp and soothe dryness.

Normal to oily scalp uses products to reduce sebum restore a clean scalp surface and cool and refresh the scalp.

What are you experiencing without the treatment?

  • Dry scalp, can’t wear black
  • Oily/Greasy scalp, excessive washing, always looks dirty
  • Itchy scalp
  • Ageing scalp
  • Menopausal
  • You’ve tried everything to cure the problem
  • You just love a head massage and need a facial for your scalp?

What Scalp conditions does it solve?

The treatments will help with any type of Scalp concerns. With the exception of broken skin.After a thorough hair and Scalp consultation we will select the best treatment for you.

 A Scalp Solutions Treatment deeply cleanses and exfoliates revealing a clean scalp surface, which supports a more balanced scalp. It increases scalp blood circulation with a relaxing head massage.

 Surface pollution, build up, micro dust and excess sebum. (The natural oils on our scalps) is instantly removed.

 The treatment features Scalp Solutions professional balancing masque to nourish and soften the scalp, combined with your favourite AVEDA masque applied to the mid-lengths and ends of the hair.

 When can you have it done? When can’t you? 

You can add a Scalp renewal treatment to a cut or style service.  Unfortunately this treatment should not be performed the same day as a colour service.. We recommend performing the treatment approximately one week prior to a colour service.

How much does it cost?

The in-salon Scalp Solutions Treatment is just £40.  It takes 30 minutes and includes a head massage. 

There are take-home products too which range from £27-£42.  We will advise you as to which products you will need to give you a tailored Scalp Solution.


So book now with any one of our team and see what AVEDA Scalp Solutions is all about.

 See Kat’s blog for ‘The Scalp Solutions Experience’ to find out how the Treatment is performed and more importantly how it FEELS!