AVEDA Scalp Solutions – The Feels!  – By Kat

So seeing as we had this ALL NEW Treatment arrive in salon, it was only fair that we all had to have it done! – I mean sometimes we all have to ‘take one for the team’ as it were – it’s tough, I know. 

  1. So first,  I was taken to a station and my scalp was photographed.  I didn’t think I really had a problem scalp initially, but wow to my surprise lots of little white bits!!  So these HAD TO GO!
  1. The treatment started with a lovely circular motion massage on dry hair with a little round brush (Scalp Solutions stimulating scalp massager) This loosened a lot of the dry skin.  – and felt lush btw.
  1. After rinsing, the first product (Exfoliating Scalp Treatment) was applied right into the scalp.  Then another lovely massage.  This time firm pads of her fingers to massage the product into the scalp.
  1. Now, time to experience the Scalp Solutions shampoo – which had an epic cooling sensation on the skin. Exciting and exhilarating.
  1. Next part was the Scalp Solutions masque, which was applied to the scalp area – with the feeling of a paint brush – sweeping, swirling and sliding around my head like a true artiste!
  1. On the ends a masque for the hair was applied – for me it HAS TO BE Botanical, as it’s one of my favourite AVEDA families, it smells lush and it’s for strengthening and repair.
  1. While the treatment is on, this is where the Head Massage REALLY kicks in!  – 10 mins of heaven right there!
  1. After rinsing and being nudged to wakey wakey, I am taken back to the station and due to my dry scalp, the Scalp Solutions hydrating serum is applied (if your scalp is oily, it’s the purifying serum)…. And yes you guessed it, ANOTHER head massage to push the serum into the scalp.
  1. Following another kick to wake me up, the treatment is complete. I am then ready for my cut or blow-out.  – unfortunately, this treatment cannot be performed simultaneously to a colour.  So you’ll just have another excuse to come visit us again, won’t you?

I hope you liked my experience blog. Take a look at Sam’s blog to see more in depth, as to what it’s all about. 

I would love to hear what you think of the Scalp Solutions Treatments.  So if I am in salon when you’re having yours, Ill be over for a chat.

 Kat xx