Cabello Stories

Dear Cabello Guest

I often have stories to tell guests when they come in, so I thought I’d share some with those who don’t know me or have other Stylists do their hair.

November 2014

When we originally refurbished the salon ( It was offices before).  I was there most days, clearing away various bits of rubble from the site.

One of my tasks was to remove the ceiling tiles – you know the sort, with the white stippled poly board on.

Now, these were rotten, so I took to pushing the end of my broom vertically into the centre of each tile and ‘bang!’ tile splits and falls. – BINGO.

I move on to the 20th tile near the door, the usual ‘bang!’ sound – but this time, what follows? – an actual shower of….mouse droppings!!!

Waah! – cut to me really hoping a nest of mice were not about to follow!  – See Pic

Thankfully they did not, and we managed to block up the hole where the naughty mice were getting in, so don’t worry they are gone now.  See the re-enactment in the pic here. Lol


I hope you enjoyed my trip down memory lane?  More stories to come.

See the original salon building here, before we got our hands on it..

Love Kat x


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