Hair Health – Look, feel and be gorgeous

In a recent study 82% of men admitted that hair is a key element in a woman’s sex appeal and 74% said a lush mane makes her stand out in a crowd! – so if you’re single and ready to mingle in 2023, get those luscious locks sorted.

If you are really not fussed what they think, you just want to turn your friends green with envy… or give yourself a confidence boost….

Have you noticed that a great hair day gives you an instant pick me up and a bad one gives you an all-day low?  If you are anything like me, you’ll then ditch the make-up and a decent outfit, then the whole lot goes downhill (Hey, we all have those days).  Conversely, I know I have bounced out of my house many times, when I have a banging hair day, put on a bit of slap and don a cute pair of heels.

Having healthy hair, is a sign of a healthy body – get those luscious locks looking great, eat well,  look and feel great.

Make your 2023 new year’s resolution to join us in prioritising condition – your hair will thank you for it.