Hair Health – Environment & Lifestyle

Cold weather, hot weather, UV damage, pollutants, dust and smoke can all impact the follicles of the hair and affect long term hair health. – so it is crucial you take care of your hair and scalp.  Protecting and washing your hair following exposure to these factors all contribute to overall hair health.

Lifestyle factors – going to the gym regularly, over washing, swimming, working in a particularly polluted environment, maybe you work in London and are exposed to the tube on a regular basis?

For now, I have had many guests benefit from just ONE AVEDA Pramasana treatment! Only this week, one of my guests had a terrible scalp, poor lady.  I insisted she had a Pramasana treatment in our deal.  She was absolutely overwhelmed with the result.  She didn’t realise, life doesn’t need to be this way!  We CAN help!

If you are suffering with itchy or dry scalp, pop in and talk to us about your environment and lifestyle.

Create a clean scalp foundation for beautiful hair and leave your scalp left invigorated and refreshed.

We are also super excited to introduce AVEDA Scalp Benefits to the salon at the end of February, so watch out for a whole new family of at home scalp-care coming to Cabello – and some great offers surrounding the new range.

Make your 2023 new year’s resolution to join us in prioritising condition – your hair will thank you for it.