Hair Health – Get a big fat YES to a colour change

If you’ve ever been to Cabello and wanted a drastic colour change you might have been told ‘it’s a NO from us’…

This is because condition is always our number #1 priority.  Lightening or lifting colour from hair often involves a bleaching process.  This is not for the faint-hearted Artist, as it involves a careful process of time and accuracy to ensure you do not leave with your hair in a carrier bag!

Ever been to a salon and had your hair breaking off as they brush it, or left with it feeling like straw?  Well I have seen it, many times!  …and believe me, it’s not a great look.  Starting the process with hair that is in A-grade condition is the ONLY way we will be working with your hair to achieve the look you require – and if it’s a no, trust us – it’s not because we don’t want your money.

Now, if this all sounds too familiar do not worry – often we don’t categorically say NO, it is more often than not a ‘not now’.  As our salon is renowned for prioritising condition – we focus on a range of in-salon and at-home treatments with AVEDA and Fabriq, so discuss your hair condition with your Artist today (a consultation is complimentary and there is no obligation to book).  – Sooner than you realise, you could get a big fat YES from us,  your colour change will commence, and finally be exactly what you wanted (without most of it shedding off onto your carpet, when you get home!)

Make your 2023 new year’s resolution to join us in prioritising condition – your hair will thank you for it.