Hair Health – Poor quality hair care products or not using any at all (other than shampoo & conditioner).

My number one advice for great hair is to use the products that are right for YOUR hair.  Don’t just use what happens to be in the bathroom or what’s on offer at the supermarket.  Your hair is your crowning glory, you cannot take it off and replace it.  If you had a beautiful cashmere jumper, would you wash it, heat it and wreck it everyday with cheap rubbish?

Now, I know we are all feeling the pinch at the moment, but keeping up regular maintenance on your hair at home is important for you and your mental health right?  If you know our hair care, you will also know that they GO FAR.  A little does go a long way.  A 10p piece and add water is a sufficient amount of shampoo (styling products, often a pea size), so when you cost up that watered down rubbish you buy in Tesco and the highly concentrated 100% natural, vegan and plant based beauty hair care from Cabello – it’s actually not a huge price tag.

Our AVEDA range holds Over 20 different natural 100% vegan hair care ranges and over 100 products.  We have access to these because every hair-type is different and depending on your hair goals, will require a different prescription of products.  If you are unsure of where you want to go with your hair or what you need to get you there, get yourself a FREE consultation or have a chat at your next appointment.

Why not kick start your hair regime for 2023 with an in-salon treatment and while you are there ask your Artist about our range of take-home hair-care.  Check our our latest offers on treatments: