The best massage I EVER had (Competition now Closed, but keep reading)


During my week off last week, I decided to treat myself to a full body massage at Revive Beauty Lounge.

Well, let me tell you it was the BEST MASSAGE I ever had and having had massages all over the world – I can tell a good one.

Picture this:  Warm, homoeopathically scented, dark room, plinky plunky music with pretty cosmic stars circling the ceiling. – Bliss.

Then.. heated blanket!!!  Oooh toasty.  Pop your head through the hole and there is a bowl of pretty flowers floating in eucalyptus.  Already a dreamy start and she’s not touched me yet!

A little bell signifies the start of my treatment (cute), then fully immersed in my full body massage with all sorts of expert circular motions all over.  – Now as you can imagine my shoulders get pretty knotted up and often hurt when being kneaded out (not with Tatiana).  Knots removed without feeling like I have been 10 rounds with Tyson Fury.

Warm oils all over and THEN….. a very hot oil is poured delicately on my back!  I mean what a sensation this is!  Seriously you need to experience this because I have no words to describe it (I know a first for me!).

Heated towels, to clear the excess oil, then I flip over and a warm heated space mask was applied to my eyes.  – Which I can still somehow see the ceiling starts through my eyelids, making it a completely cosmic experience.

More motions of spirals and swirls envelop my arms, legs, feet.  As I had rather cheekily added a facial too she then starts on my chest, shoulders and with a gentle turn to the side of my head – the best bit, a twirly wirly smooth slight of hand over where my neck meets my shoulder – H E A V E N

More lovely creams, steam, hot towels and massaging of the face, neck, shoulders and OMG my head massage!  Sends me off the chart!

The end of the treatment is signified with the little bell again and I am completely lost.

Book with Tatiana at Revive Beauty Lounge
51 Church Road, Tiptree
01621 502587

You can book online at your leisure.  Yes I know it is in Tiptree, but trust me the 10/15 min drive from Witham is worth it.  Plus there is plenty of free parking.


All sorts of treatments are offered here.  Which is why we have chosen £100 Revive Gift Vouchers and scented candle to GIVEAWAY for September in our E-Mail Competition..  All you need to do to enter is sign up to our mailing list within the very first pop up on this website, then read all of our emails.

Best of luck for the win.