Allergy Alert Testing – Attention ALL Colour Guests

Your safety has always been our top priority at Cabello, particularly when it comes to our colouring services.

With more evidence in the industry following the Coronavirus Pandemic it has been shown that the effect Covid-19 has on our immune system can also affect our allergies. There is more and more research being done in this area for all manufacturers, however it could be the case that those who have experienced Coronavirus (especially those that had severe reactions), could have had their immune system weakened, making them susceptible to allergic reactions.

This being the case, we have made the decision to ensure that the best way to keep you all safe in these times, and to ensure you are all protected, we will be re-testing all colour guests.

Unfortunately, the law prevents us from performing allergy tests prior to re-opening, therefore we will not be performing colour services for day 1 or 2.  We will be performing the services that do not require a test (Cutting, Treatments, KeraStraight, Nails, Extensions).  We will also be spending these first couple of days allergy testing for those booked in for day 3 onwards.

As I am sure you all know, an allergy test is a simple 30 second procedure, where we will place a tiny bit of colour behind your ear – to be left on for 48 hours.


Following medical recommendations by the NHS we will be unable to perform a colour OR patch test less than 7 days following your vaccination. Please contact us and we will happily rearrange your appointment when you are called for yours.

Allergy testing is an integral part of our industry, and should be adopted by any reputable salon. No matter how dull and what a pain it seems, we need to ensure that we are doing everything to protect our guests. – we hope you understand the position we are in.

We will be reminding all Colour guests to come in for their Allergy Alert Test when we make those all-exciting calls after the announcement on 5th April.

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