We are on Pause

We are now on Pause….

As you all know, Eco and social responsibility is always at the heart of the Cabello ethos.

We do and always have done what is right for our community and the planet.  Many of our team members and guests go home to vulnerable people and we are not prepared to put anyone at risk at this time.

Things you can do:

* Stay tuned for the fun we are having at home. We are going to be busy making plans to make the rest of 2020 our best ever and we’re gonna need your input for that.

* If you’ve not yet bought a gift voucher to spend after July (with 25% extra free) you can buy here: https://www.cabellohairandbeauty.co.uk/services/gift-vouchers/

OR, if you’ve got money concerns (and let’s face it, many of us do), you can still help by leaving us a Google review, and at the same time get yourself a raffle ticket for our Harrods hamper. Just go to https://g.page/Cabellowitham/review?gm

Future Plans

During the coming weeks, we are launching ‘LayBuy’ – an interest free weekly payment system for when we are all back in salon. It’s a great option for you, as you can split any bill into 6 weekly payments for free! Plus we get paid by them in full the very next day! So win win 🙌🏻

We are gonna have so much fun with you all over the coming weeks, so if you want to help – keep in touch, like, comment and share our posts to keep us current and most importantly…

Stay home, stay safe and stop the spread 🙌🏻🌎